Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kent Chief Exec – In the papers once again

Peter Gilroy Kent’s Chief Exec once again gets a mention in the national press (todays Telegraph 20/2/10), unfortunately not for his prowess as an administrator or manager but as you might expect for the thumping great big pay off of £200,000 arranged by Conservatives at Kent council.

For my money and your money, I cannot see the point of local authorities paying out fat bonuses for retiring executives, the idea is often put to us taxpayers that people like Peter Gilroy are constantly being offered large sums to go elsewhere, if this is the case its quite simple to deal with, when top bods are taken on just make it part of the contract that a long notice period has to be given or compensation for the employer which ultimately is the taxpayer.

Recently Leader of Kent council Paul Carter (Cons)was upset that this information had been put in the public domain, it will be interesting if he will indulge in yet another outburst against a free press, I do hope so, it shows just what sort of people are running Kent council.

Its my feeling that Kent’s Tories are very much against free speech and I have yet to be convinced otherwise, it really is time that Cameron’s team sorted out Paul Carters cronies.

I think it unlikely that Paul Carter will embarrass Kent residents with an attack on the Telegraph but you never know! I do wish Paul Carter and his mates would get it into their heads that Kent Council is here to serve the people of Kent, and realise that it is not a bloody business or a private Tory play thing but a provider of public services.

For Background on Paul Carters support of the local press or rather lack of it click here, also note that his outburst was apparently later withdrawn


  1. Carter wouldn't dare, he is far too cowardly for that, after all the Telegraph is not receiving over £100,000 a year from Kent County Council; unlike the Kent Messenger

  2. And will he take on Private Eye whose's Rotten Boroughs section cover :

    So. Farewell then Kent TV… but hello again to its well-remunerated chief executive

  3. The Telegraph reported a wage of £220,000 whilst the KM reported £244.000 , which is correct , although both are obscene ?

    Outstanding' Peter Gilroy was worth the money

  4. I wonder if Private Eye mentions the CEO of Kent Peter Gilroy's new company Gilroy & Associates set up by Dunstana Davis ( well worth looking into); a very interesting team. Or that he has written articles for the Guardian newspaper and written to Lord Laming offering to write a piece for the Conservative party, also been a speaker at common purpose talks in his lunch hour and after work : (non paid of course ?)

    (Maybe staff do not get paid for their lunch-breaks?)

    A board member of the LGN' local government network' with other s who have connections to the Guardian newspaper, including him.

    We need to hear far more from the Telegraph who are being to report what has been kept hidden for far to long , and less from the Guardian ; who are they guarding?

  5. (Why are all the common purpose graduates being moved from the LSP children’s board or being moved on?) Including the Chief Constable of Kent Michael Fuller, who is also due to leave Kent to become the Crown Prosecution Service Chief Inspector.

    Isn’t it abit worrying that Geoff Wild: Kent County Council
    Director of law and governance is a mayor player in Kent Fire service , which also has common purpose graduates?

    Can any councillor out there answer why the public are being left in the dark about such matters, or isn’t this considered good enough electoral matter?

    Kent can be considered a ROTTEN BOROUGH until we have the answer to these questions and more.

  6. After reading this article , it looks like Mr Gilroy should pay us to leave, or are the councillors and staff just relieved to see the back of him, could this be why they are so silent?

    Telegraph – common purpose, quangos,_quangos_and_the_cabinet_office

  7. Anon 1.27pm

    I wouldnt write the Guardian Newspaper off completely

    They arent always on side;

    But I wouldn’t bank on Cameron doing anything about Carter or the Cons in Kent,

    Dave at Davos
    Davos: Why did David Cameron assemble the cream of world media and then tell them they couldn't report anything he said?

  8. Not one elected member willing to speakout or dare critise Gilroy even on a blog; how scared or cowardly are they all, it goes to show the officers are in charge and not the councillors

    no wonder no one bothers to vote