Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Award winning Kent Journalist shows once again why he is the best

paul francis Not knowing or interested by the machinations of regional politics in other parts country, I am however keen, on what goes on in Kent.

The reason I post on Kent Council, so often, is with one exception, my view is that Kent news organisations, steer clear of Kent politics, other than bland, non analytical reporting, strangely the BBC (Radio Kent) seems reluctant to cover county politics in any consistent way, Kent on Sunday, this weekend, had rare but rather sycophantic comment referring to KCC’s vision of Kent in 2030 “…actually it is an inspirational masterplan…”, Kent Regional Newspapers like the Isle of Thanet Gazette belatedly have started to cover Kent wide issues, probably as a result of the recent overhaul of a rather stale product.

The exception to rather bland reporting comes from the Kent Messenger Group, and in particular, the KM Group political editor Paul Francis, who has been named Kent’s Best Newspaper Journalist of the Year, for the third time in Shepherd Neame’s annual awards.qualityjourno

An example of why Paul Francis is ahead of the competition, is this report on the rather generous pay out for retiring Kent chief exec Peter Gilroy (click here) enjoy!



  1. Oh dear, seems Carter does share your thoughts:

  2. I would like to think that he may be the best and that the KM wouldnt dream of concealing the truth, but I have doubts !

    Why so silent on forced adoption and the motives behind this, sall operating in full view and with the consent of the family courts in Kent

    The KM is fully aware.

    youtube 'child stealing by the state'Brian Gerrish

    what has happened to ex-tory councillor Sheena Williams 4 young granddaughters ?