Thursday, February 11, 2010

BBC South East Today is this how to report the weather ?

Listening this morning to various reports of the snow in the East of Kent, one recurring theme from everyone outside of the county establishment was, where were the gritting lorries yesterday afternoon and early evening?

BBC’s South East Today, programme tonight showed us plenty of pretty pictures of snow, they even had a reporter hire a helicopter, to take a gander at this strange rarely seen phenomena (It must be two or three weeks since we last saw snow) at the end of the programme we had two presenters smile in what looked to me similar to, the affected, self conscious silly style of children's TV presenters, they even had what I thought a few rather patronising glances at photos sent in by viewers.bbcsimpervision

Nothing wrong with any of that surely, but the one thing that does matter is that the BBC had several East Kent residents claim the roads had not been treated but choose to allow KCC’s Jim Hills of Kent Highways get away without being asked to explain why the roads were in such a bad state with a fairly mild snow fall early last night.

I was so concerned last night that I contacted KCC who told me the police had contacted them to get the roads treated?

I just wonder whether its the management or arrogance or bias that produces such bland unquestioning reportage from the BBC and of course some will think I’m being trivial except those who commented on accidents that occurred last night, I had one car just miss me unable to stop and today I have lost a days wages. Trivial if you happen to be one of Kent’s state funded journalist not so for the rest of us.

I’ve asked Nick Chard KCC Cabinet member to qualify the comments he gave this morning on Radio Kent suggesting Kent Highways were doing what their supposed to since I’m sure most in Thanet and I suspect East Kent remain unconvinced.



    This is the way that Kent residents are being treated as - idiots

  2. More than likely common purpose trained, the BBC is not known for being independent, unfortunately none of the local media or national media are, they are all government controlled.

    We truly are being fed crap on a daily basis.

  3. Tony, why have all these anti Common Purpose oganisation comments started to appear on your blog. Ae you a Common Purpose graduate? Are Common Purpose graduates in place in Thanet council whether elected or just civil servants? I note that the Kent Common Purpose have an address of Gibson Drive, Kings Hill, is that address familiar?