Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks but no thanks Gordan

Gordon Brown’s suggestion that us punters take a second look at Labour, isn’t, necessarily the best idea, frankly I’d rather not, having read about accusations of bullying etc.

I already felt that this week’s slogan from Gordon Brown rang hollow, “a future fair for all”, since the past few years have been nothing of the sort.

I and co-workers have seen during Labours rule a massive slide in earnings, jobs routinely taken over by essential workers from Lithuania to Albania whilst experienced people sit at home.

For some reason Labour have sold out manual workers having done nothing to protect employment, unlike France or Germany, so does this mean that the trend will be extended to the public sector workers so that they can either lose their jobs or see income slashed as in the construction industry typically by anything from 30 to 50 %.

Labour in the main represent the educated middle class so its no surprise that they haven’t a clue of just how appalling they’ve been, just imagine how quickly Labour would have reacted if it were their own, local government functionaries, teachers etc were losing jobs en masse to migrants.

Anyway things are looking blimin grim for all of us right now, whether anyone has the balls to sort out public finances certainly not Labour and since it looks as if Gordon Brown lacks the social skills with his own staff see this story which claims his own staff have had to contact an anti-bullying helpline its clear that he’s not going to be taking any second look at his own performance so why should we.

Its strange but I never thought I’d hold the same contempt that I had for Mrs Thatchers government but maybe power really does corrupt and Labour seems every bit as contemptible having more than its fair share of liars, fraudsters and law breakers.


  1. Sir Francis Bacon had it right- Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

  2. Too right Tony. David Cameron would be OK as leader because he couldn't blow the froth off a pint of Guinness let alone take on the girls in the office. But it seems our Clive and Doug have been to the same school as Gordon from what we are hearing about local issues. Bully boy tactics seem to be the stock in trade of labour leaders these days though they still have some way to go before they reach the standards of thuggery of John Prescott. A bit rough the labour lot, not like us cultured lefties in the Lib Dems huh?

  3. So Thatcher wasn't a cabinet bully then?

  4. MEP - helping to wake up the masses

    Seeda & Kent mentioned;

    how many bullies can you count and why are we doing nothing about it ?

    watch the video on the bottom left

  5. Gordon Brown might be a bit hard on his staff, they can always leave
    unlike a fox when its caught in the mouths of dogs,or cats that are not taken to the vets when in need of treatment,
    seems strange that the Tory office is onle a couple of yards away from Mrs Pratt! or is it a coincidence.
    Keep up the good work Tony.

  6. You must have seen the concerns about the National Bullying Helpline in mondays and todays newspapers, even in the Daily Mail.

    example from the Guardian:

    Three patrons of the National Bullying Helpline – Tory MP Ann Widdecombe, TV presenter Sarah Cawood and workplace stress expert Cary Cooper – quit today at the behaviour of Christine Pratt. There were also reports tonight that a fourth patron, Tory councillor for Hillingdon Mary O'Connor, had resigned – which would leave the charity without any patrons.

    The charity commission also said it was launching an investigation into the helpline because of complaints it had received in the last 24 hours

  7. Yes, the breaching of confidentiality contained within Ms Pratt's statements are in themselves enough to drive out reasonable people. Cary Cooper has been one of the most recognised and respected authorities on workplace bullying for more than a decade, he must be appalled by what he is seeing.

    The Third Sector has one of the most focussed and crusading ethics of any part of our society, but without its integrity, its positions and statements are worthless. Ms Pratt has done more damage to more charities in her amateur publicity seeking than almost any other type of stupidity. Imagine the DV victim who depends on confidentiality and anonymity to extricate themselves from dire circumstance; the child seeking help through confidential help lines; the mental health patient concerned about abuse.Ms Pratt and her big mouth may have ensured hesitation which leads to greater damage, and undermined much good work done by her own organisation and others.

  8. Looks like they have turned you as well Chris - how disappointing

  9. Anon 1500, perhaps you could expand your thoughts for us? Your comment seems a little oblique.

  10. Chris, I think anon 15.00 is referring to the Common Purpose org. There's been a lot of anti Common Purpose postings in Kent Blogs in the last few weeks mentioning KCC is particular and childrens services.

    The only concern I have is that the KCC chief exec speaks at Common Purpose meetings for free. I hope he does it in his own time. But with the Kent branch being based at Gibson Drive, Kings Hill its not to far from the KCC and KCC Commercial services offices!

  11. OK if that is the gripe then I can say completely openly I have never attended a common purpose meeting, briefing, or knowingly spoken with a common purpose graduate.

    I have experience of working with and within the voluntary sector going back to 1985.

    I can additionally say that I have never heard the phrase common purpose used to describe anything in a KCC environment.

    I have followed the common purpose 'debate' on blogs, newspapers etc for some time, and remain totally agnostic on the subject, having personally seen neither damning evidence nor support and enthusiasm that would sway me personally.

    No one has got to me. in either direction on this subject, I continue to watch and assess with interest.