Thursday, February 18, 2010

History rewritten by the Hart’s or is Mark Nottingham’s no longer Labour party member

Just taking a gander at some Labour propaganda stuffed through the door earlier today, in the Dane Valley area, a couple things struck me first the rather self important style, not quite sure where Cllr Sandra Hart would get that from, perhaps Cllr. Clive Hart, could help on that, secondly the apparent rewriting of history.

Take this from Sandra “I’m delighted to see that (as per my request) the former eyesore site at the lower end of Millmead Road has now been cleared.” no mention that residents and other candidates including Bill Furness Libdem in the recent by election also made strong representations and probably well before Sandra.

Sandra also gives the impression that Cllr Iris Johnson was the only one to campaign to save Northdown House from Thanet council’s asset disposal, (if Sandra’s on the case she might like to consider that the adjacent coach house appears to be at risk), I and others also campaigned in our own way not something Sandra seems aware of, no surprise there. Click here for the posts on Northdown House

Clive Hart has this to my mind, rather questionable assertion, referring to the Dane Valley by-election “We fought a very clean fight with no mud-slinging whatsoever… Yeah righto Clive. just what was this posting on Mark Nottinghams blog Cat got your tongue, or has Mark Nottingham resigned the Labour whip? (see also my earlier posting)what this then


  1. It is interesting Tony, to watch you getting increasingly frustrated by realisation of the world of half truths and innuendo that comes with involvement directly in politics. Your previous stance of damning us all is giving way to a fascinating more partisan position where you preceive offence in others claims and pronouncements of their own brilliance, something at which Clive is an absolute master. If you were to believe his propoganda, only he and his immediate cohort ever achieve anything, and the rest of us are casully damned, or air brushed out of the picture. Its rather sad, but goes on constantly, and after a while becomes a little wearing! Welcome, Tony, welcome!

  2. Sitting in the public gallery at last nights council meeting it was interesting to hear Cllr Nottingham predict that the Labour Party would loose the General Election! Perhaps the whip has been now withdrawn from him? In fact he did also say that Labour may be the biggest party, so maybe he was predicting a hung parliament!

  3. Anon 10.23 sadly is mistaken and made up as the public gallery was empty, so another naughty anonymous Tory cllr. I predicted it is possible the Conservatives could win, but predicted a Labour victory. Any reasonable person would allow that it is possible for the Conservatives to win, and I made that point last night.

    Tony my blog is personal it is not a Labour Party website you seem to find it hard to understand this very simple point and keep getting worked up about it. Not taxpayer or Labour Party funded, just paid for by me!

    Interesting to see you becoming the Lib Dem campaign manager but you are forgetting that the Lib Dems campaigned on the doorstep in the by-election about Ted Watt-Ruffell's animal cruelty and delivered leaflets see a copy here

    As one of the Lib dem campaign activists, how many of these leaflets did you deliver?

    Chirs Wells regrettably complained last night that the problem in Thanet was the high proportion of inbred people. Next he'll be like Nicholas Winterton saying he should travel 1st class to avoid ordinary people.

  4. Actually no Mark, what I said was the problem in the chamber was the inward looking, island outlook councillors, followed by a joke about Clive getting a nosebleed by going over the steep hills at Detling on his way to county scrutiny, and an aside about inbreeding, aimed at the labour bench in jest.

    And yes, your colleagues, and mow regrettably you, fall into the trap of misrepresenting the comments for their own gain. You are right about the public gallery though, so someone dropped a complete testicle there did they not!

  5. mark you claim the distinction of being the 99th top labour blog, I dont happen to be an activist also who does fund your job if not the taxpayer

    I beleive that you accused me of being a libdem official before the fact you failed to accept this is not true is of no suprise to me, I realise that reality is a difficult concept for Labour politicians at this time

  6. actually mark and chris, the public gallery was not empty, though it was not I at 1023 as i had made my points in the chamber. there was one brave man who sat through all of last nights debate, i can only assume his partner had banished him for the evening, or his telly had gone u/s

  7. I dont think the Chair's partner counts as public, Ken!

  8. Chris
    I believe the weblink is still not working so we can't check, your comments were inappropriate and aimed at council tenants.

    I described you as an activist for the Lib Dems and you are acting in a campaigning way, I know you don't like this, but your strapline at the top is becoming a false joke, you need to change it to Offending Politicians (except Lib Dems because I am one). As I understand it you signed the Lib Dem by-election candidates papers and regularly supported his campaign, at times using your blog to so and you continue to take a partisan line supporting Lib Dems, which is your right of course.

    If you were consistent you would have condemned Bill Furness' dirty campaign at the time as you perceive it to be, but he's a Lib Dem so you'll turn a blind eye.

    Let me ask this question for the 4th time (you've avoided it 3 times so far). You say you are independent yet have you ever criticised a Lib Dem? Where's the (missing) link?

  9. Chris, The chairs partner is a cricket fan, so I cannot believe he sat through all the twaddle that was spoken last evening. But I may stand corrected. I too believe that Mark was conceeding the next election.

  10. Ken
    You twisted what I said lat night and now you repeat the lie - it does you little credit

  11. Mark,

    You twisted what I said last night and now you repeat the lie - it does you little credit.


    PS What goes around comes around.....!

  12. Come on children stop playing and read something of real interest, then ask why kent's media is so quiet, alongside the councillors from all parties failing to ask questions?,_quangos_and_the_cabinet_office

  13. I think we have another political dynasty in the making. The Clive and Sandra duo have all the attributes to be another Marcos pair. They see themselves as saviours of the poor and depressed, we see them as money grabbing freeloaders with an aptitude for self publicity and aggrandisement. Happy days! Is it true that Clive is in receipt of a disability benefit as his main source of income? If so, how does this work for a man who seems to be the fittest on the council. Can I get one too?

  14. I think even I, who is not known as Clive Hart's number one fan, must protect/protest the last entry. As far as I am aware Clive left the electricity industry because of injury to his back - and probably thus has pension arrangements through them, but I am sure that he is not claiming anything like disability benefit, having worked as a volunteer for CAB, then at Thanet College in advisory roles alongside his developing political career. I think this is an unfair and onreasonable slur on his character.

  15. And silly when there are many reasonable slurs you can make about his judgement and character! (Sorry Clive couldn't resisit it).

  16. Fair do's councillor, it was only a question, although I'm sure I detect a note of sarcasm in your response. But you have to admit he is remarkably spritely for a man with a back injury so severe he needs to be pensioned off. Perhaps he could recommend miracle cures for a living to supplement his income from the council and pocket money from his wife.

  17. Mark Nottingham! Mark ex labour Councillor Nottingham would be more correct, if it were not for his employement by a labour MEP I would bet he would cross the floor, but as the Conervatives would not have him, perhaps the BNP would take him.

  18. I have been told by someone that he said he was made up by fooling the medical board who decided he was disabled. (Maybe that was mentally disabled)

  19. Its interesting that if you are a councillor in paid employment or a director then you must declare it in the member register of interests. If a cllr receives a private or public pension then it looks like you dont need to declare it. However a councillor will need to declare their paymaster at meetings when applicable. I would imagine this would cover any councillor with a disability pension if the subject of the disabled comes up.

  20. Cllr Wells is absolutely right for once.

    I paid a large percentage of my income into a works pension scheme for 20 years and now receive a small pension because I could not continue my heavy manual job as an electrical fitter in the electricity supply industry after many years of struggling with chronic backpain (but carrying on working - exemplary sickness record).

    After a year of recouperation, through which I even had difficulty climbing stairs (hence I live in a bungalow)and following a year of intensive physiotherapy I slowly learned to hold what is a degenerative joint problem in my lower spine at bay with gentle yoga and swimming.

    Only my wife knows of the consistant restless and uncomfortable nights I have and the session of yoga I go through every single morning of my life just to get moving. My car and my home have special lumber roll cushions and minor adaptations but I sincerely hope most people would not know I have a problem.

    After regretfully having to give up the career I absolutely loved, as soon as I was able, I trained and worked voluntarily for the Citizens Advice Bureau helping hundreds of local people in Thanet with serious problems. In my own time I also studied a course at degree level for which I received a distinction. During this time I became an ambassador for Timebank where I was used as an example for a national campaign to show just how to deal with the shock of a forced career change in mid-life.

    From there I eventually got a part-time position at our local FE College managing the welfare unit and personally helping to keep hundreds of brilliant youngsters at college through very difficult times.

    I only left that job when I was elected to County where I continued to help residents at every opportunity.

    Talk to anyone who knew me in the electrity industry and they will tell you I always gave my time over and above my paid job (from the young age of 21 onwards) to help colleagues as a longstanding staff rep, training rep, and safety rep.

    When that career ended suddenly, despite my problems I carried on helping people right through to this very day.

    So there you have it Mr Anonymous Sat 20th Feb. 11.20am.

    What have you been doing for the past 30 years?

    Other than making nasty comments about others from your sad and sorry anonymity!

  21. And where did you learn your evil streak peddling rubbish about other people councillor? What is it about your background and your present that gives you the arrogance to wish to lord it over every circle with which you become involved? And why do you walk away if you cannot get your own way? Whatever you become involved in you try to take charge, but what have you ever achieved? Within our ward you are despised for your vanity and complete lack of humility. At least when Ezekiel comes he tries to help get what we want. Put you posture and complain about how terrible everybody is in the tories but you never actually do anything yourself.

  22. I can sympaphise with cllr Hart with a degenerate back problem. Not having it myself but my wife has sufferred for over 25 years. Some days all is ok but for many days its 24 hour pain and not being able to walk. But having tried acupunture and tens machines she has some relief from a TSE machine which seems to build up pain relief over a few days. So if you suffer check out ACTICARE TSE. The other thing some hospitals can do is to kill off the nerves for about 18 months. I think its a bit like microwaving rather than injecting. This has also worked very well but not every PCT offers this. At least there is one person happy with the recent NHS offerings.

  23. My apologies to Clive Hart for anon 11:20 which normally I would have deleted but since I've got a whole weekend off work (a rare thing in my industry) I've only just looked in.

    Clearly bollix and rebutted by comments from Clive Hart & Chris Wells

    Please keep to the topic

  24. But what about 6:51's lack of humility comment? The man puts himself up as a paragon of virtue but to all those of us who have to deal with him in the ward he is nothing more than a pompous wind bag with an over inflated ego.

  25. Goodness me. I thought I'd logged on to a council meeting.
    Don't you councillors ever watch any telly?