Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Urgent warning driving conditions - Police contact KCC

I’ve just come in from work, and would warn anyone about to go out that Thanet’s roads have not been salted despite snow from mid-day.

I just contacted KCC (20:300 and been informed that Kent Police have contacted them requesting they salt the roads.

The road surface right now on the main roads in Margate are potentially Lethal.

No doubt KCC Highways will if challenged tomorrow come up with some BS that they couldn’t have predicted road conditions which is clearly a nonsense.

I was going to post on Kent’s Health Watch which is very similar in character to Kent TV in as much as its utterly superfluous.

I’ll save that for another day in the meantime, if you’ve had a difficult journey through Thanet tonight, KCC Highways having allowed nature to turn our roads network into an ice rink and Brooksend Hill into a ski jump, then why not, when you have time call up your local county councillor (generally tory in these parts) and give them something else to think about, other than the fat allowance they recently awarded themselves £13,000, just to nip over to Maidstone once every few months, where they no doubt consider weightier matters, like big bonuses for fat cat officers or how else the can turn your money to little more than waste on witless schemes.

Just spotted this on KCC’s website looks like Paul Carters cronies in West Kent have been looked after.NOTinTHANET

Good luck to anyone driving to work in the morning! you’ll probably need it.


  1. snow hard here lets hope its cleared by morning

  2. First they don't bother gritting any of our pavements (except at Westwood Cross) & now they're ignoring our roads!!!

  3. Its another day and I should have been enroute for work and planning how to shoe horn my way through the blackwall tunnel right now but due KCC'c inept highways bods I'm stuffed.

    Lets hope there some money left from the massive Kent Highways advertising budget to perhaps compensate people like me, maybe Peter Gilroy could dip into his £200,000 lump sum for just what I don't know

  4. I've seen three grit lorries in the last 24 hours, none of them gritting. Also heard Thanet Way hasn't been gritted.

  5. You got no chance of Gilroy (psychiatric social worker)dipping into his £200,000.

    He has already set up another company Gilroy & Associates for when he leaves.Wonder what he will be trading in ?

    He set this company up through Dunstana Davies, a very interesting lady with some very interesting connections. Well worth a look !

    Where's our independent press when you need them ?

  6. 0730 Friday 3rd December and still no roads in Broadstairs have been gritted! Utterly ridiculous! Was there not enough warning of what was to come!!