Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I just received news that KCC's bold and ill considered project Kent
TV has been cancelled .

As Im travelling home from north London it will be a while before I
comment further .

Try this link http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentonline/news/2010/february/9/kent_tv_to_close.aspx&wsc=eb&wsi=c30d8da30e962fa7

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  1. Tony ,I think its all your pressure to get it shut down over cost that's achieved this ..

  2. Congratulations on all the work you've done on this, well done.

  3. Yes, congratulations Tony for all your hard work to get Kent TV closed down. A £600,000 a year cost to communicate public messages to Kent's residents, for a fraction of the cost STILL spent on traditional media. Innovation, why would we want any of that in the county? You and your part-time Thanet bloggers must be rubbing your hands with glee. One less media establishment to bash eh!

  4. Understand this its simple the Kent TV site claimed to have 2 million visits or so or what we blogges might call clicks

    roughly 2 mills been spent, thats a pound each click

    I get many thousands for er £0.00 work it out if you can anon 9:33

  5. I was a freelance video journalist for Kent Tv and there is nothing good about losing your job. Most of the people who worked at Kent Tv earned below the national wage and from day one were told they were about to lose their jobs. They put up with this for two and a half years whilst putting in huge amounts of time to make the project work. They were treated badly by KCC and by Ten Alps. I myself have put up with abuse from the public whilst working for them because this project was tax payer funded. It wasn't nice. But why would you care about any of this - it was a waste of public money right? And it's always good to act smug when someone loses their job.

  6. Regarding the loss of jobs,it is hard to lose ones job,nobody wants to gloat over this ,I am sure Tony would be the last person to do this.
    The blame can be placed on the Tory leadership in K.C.C. as a tax payer I want my money spent wisely. now we have to watch how the Turner Contemporary project spends OUR MONEY,
    Tony you are doing a grand job watching over these spendthrifts.

  7. Hip Hip Hooray

    Carter & Co couldnt care less about spending public money as long as they are alright jack !

    We need honest politicians running Kent but any of those are driven out if they can not be turned or even worse abused.

    Sack the lot of them and start again !

  8. anon 10 48 my first thoughts were for those like yourself, I work in a fairly precarious industry and understand what it is like to be out of work

    You call me smug I just find that I cant quite recall any support from kent tv associates when a well known media company threatened my right to free speech

    I understand your feelings but in my industry nobody gets a free ride and when the jobs done thats it no notice

    As journalist you should not blame the messenger simply Kent TV failed because the public didnt want it MARKET FORCES

  9. What we need is good journalists/editors that have the courage to report the truth

    The truth is nobody apart from carter & co wanted ceo peter gilroy's baby - a nice little earner if you could get it