Sunday, February 07, 2010


Mark Barnard, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Thanet has boosted his team with Local activists.

Mark says;

“I want to ensure that the LibDem message is heard throughout North Thanet, to that end I have appointed area co-ordinators to the Campaign Team. I am delighted that three very experience LibDems have agreed to take up the challenge.

Bill Furness has responsibility for co-ordinating the campaign in Margate

June Raybaud will co-ordinate the campaign in Herne Bay

Ken Hando will use his local knowledge to co-ordinate the work in the Villages.

There is no doubt that local people are disillusioned with the government and neither do they feel that the long-serving MP has been representing their interests and those of North Thanet generally. There is a real appetite for change in North Thanet and the Liberal Democrats are offering that change breathing fresh energy into the area.


  1. Good to hear of someone in N. Thanet trying to get rid of Roger Gale who has gone way down in most people's estimation, if he was ever there to start with.

    His campaigning to avoid paying back £2k for mobile phone calls, the business over his wife trying to hang on to her over-paid job as his diary secretary, his refusal to comment/criticise the lot at TDC, to do anything much to assist Margate make me feel he doesn't deserve to represent us in parliament.

    Good luck to the Lib. DEm. candidate. I hope he gives gale a major shock.

  2. Somehow I do not think Roger Gale will be quaking in his boots. Be realistic the Tories have never polled less than 20,000 votes in North Thanet. Therefore to win the seat off Roger Gale it would require 20,000 votes plus from what remains, bearing in mind the Labour vote will be at least 10,000 plus. Therefore 50,000 of the 66,000 plus would need to be cast for a lib dem to unseat Roger Gale requiring a huge turnout. Unless there is a total collapse of the Labour vote which is highly unlikely the odds do seem to be heavily in Roger Gale's favour.

  3. People probably do want a change as anon 8 20 points out and I just wonder who is being unrealistic Tony Beachcomber Labour have virtually been wiped off the map in Kent during the county elections, just as your colleague Clive "photo opp" Hart lost his county seat, and just remember the campaign for Mrs Hart are rather pathetic "local girl" angle.

  4. Seeing that Thanet is one of the most deprived area's in kent how is it that its not a labour stronghold and where is Gales 20 000 votes coming from?

  5. I can't help thinking that this blog was far more effective before you showed a political bias Tony...

  6. Anon, do you really still believe that Labour look out for the poorer people more than any other people? Those days are long gone, & most voters obviously know that.

  7. Peter this blog has always had bias, it is political.

    Just because I happen to support the LibDems it changes nothing, since I always have when it matters.

    Unlike others I don't benefit financially like your local cllrs. and professional politicians like

  8. Annon 020:20m North Thanet does include Herne bay and the Villages, so the vote in a general election does not reflect entirely a Thanet view point.

  9. Tony, It seems that Neither labour or Conservatives like it when their cages get rattled by The Liberal Democrats as they did in the recent By Election in Thanet, there are three main Party's in England,keep the good work up,we live in a democracy,you have a choice who you support or criticise,you support the people of Thanet.

  10. Agreed Peter,

    Tony yes you've always been political. But you haven't been bias until recent. Your posts, therefore, have gone downhill which is a pity as I used to enjoy reading them.

    Now I just see them as a plug. Not so enjoyable.

  11. To Peter Checksfield from anon02 20 00
    Yes I do actually,where do you think over four hundred gains for ordinary working people came from?
    Im sure the local labour party will be only to pleased to send you the booklet detailing them.
    If the unthinkable happens and we are transported back in time to be run agian by the old Etonians there will be a lot of you in for a nasty shock. This Labour government is far from perfect
    but they will still do for me-just look at whats happened to the euro,it was Gordon Brown who kept us from that fate and the policy of spending will in the end prove to be the right way to get out of this recession.

  12. On the bias issue I have often voted Libdem, I still think the same way and am not paid to write in any different way, if there has been a lower quality it might have more to do with the fact I have to work many more hours to earn a living than I did ten years ago, which is directly related to Labour stabbing working people like me in the back, just look at Blair no sign of emotion despite the mayhem he is responsible for, peter mandelson siding against postal workers I could go on.

    No change here just rather partisan Labour comments who realise the enormity of the shift from a party supporting working people to one that sucks up to big business and screw the rest of us.

  13. The whole lot of the LIB/LAB/CON is defacto

    same horse just a different jockey !!!

  14. Does anyone know how to get hold of mark?
    I am actually his son and were yet to meet.