Monday, February 08, 2010

Ramsgate – Boulogne and wannabe experts – And what’s the fuss about

I know pretty much damn all, about the recent controversy concerning Euroferries, proposed ferry service from Ramsgate Port to Boulogne.

I’m vaguely aware that two local bloggers Adem Djemil (The Big Blog) and ECR were sent correspondence from legal firms acting on behalf of the ferry company, I’m also aware that this country has rather draconian laws of defamation which have created a new bread of customer for Britain’s specialist law firms which deal with Libel.

Please note before more avaricious lawyers get briefed, I’m not referring to specifics cases, but it seems the custom in this country that if you don’t like what somebody says about you and you’ve deep enough pockets, you can bully and threaten people into silence by merely suggesting taking legal action.

As many will know I had my own run in with a contractor working for Kent Council who made suggestions, that should I continue to comment on the project I was referring too they might well involve me in expensive legal actions, fortunately I had the support of the blogging community.

Tonight BBC 1’s “Inside Story” will I’m told by the Big Blog & Eastcliff Richard site report on Euroferries association with Ramsgate port and the long awaited and often delayed service to Boulogne. I see in the trailer for that show that multi talented local author Jane Wenham-Jones, sometime columnist and critic of this blog, has been dragged into comment, quite what she knows about maritime affairs etc I don’t know, I suspect its a case that the BBC have used her before and have chosen her for that reason rather than expertise.

Anyway programme is about to start but its a feature of English life, that people can pontificate on matters they little knowledge just like this blog and hopefully without being sued by big interests and greedy lawyers.


As I said at the top of this I knew little before and perhaps even less, after watching the story of Euroferries proposed ferry service, which was covered BBC1 SE Inside Story, the report was filmed, in what I’d term, sub Roger Cook style and had everything broken promises, mildly miffed interviewees Plain Blimin Jane a bit upset that she hadn’t been able to sail on the Bonanza Express, Paul Wells (Bertie Biggles) worried about heavy handed legal threats, the only thing, missing of course was any victims, alright if Euroferries is not about to go into administration they have every right to protect their image, if customers have had refunds to cancelled sailings, strange as all of this seems, where is the beef?

A storm in a teacup would just about some up the episode, a couple of bloggers may have been treated harshly I don’t know the background if so, this is wrong and maybe that is the story, lawyers pressuring this new blogging media a bit like TDC’s over the top response to freedom of expression by elected representatives.


  1. Provided EF have not been trying to sell something they dont have then there is nothing wrong. Its all right if they have refunded customers but what if they cant get hold of you and you just turn up at your sailing time? You need to read their website Tony.
    Ask yourself is their description of Ramsgate the same town that you love to visit?

  2. So, it's okay to take money for a service you can't provide, months in advance, charge the fee for payment, sit on it until you have to refund it, then keep any interest earned to yourself - nice 'work' if you can get it.

    Dopey, time to wake up - there's coffee in the kitchen.

  3. Their 'lawyers' - their very own 'Director' Adrian Gillan .....

    I'd have had more respect if they had instructed a firm to deal with this - but that would cost money, a commodity that seems to be missing.